Sélectionné pour Détours de Babel à Grenoble "Retour aux Sources"  01/04/2018 ! 



 Radio Klara : Natashia Kelly- Brice Soniano duo op 5 okt.2017  in Late Night Shift en 8 okt.2017  in Valckenaers&Vanhoudt :  en


Duo Natashia Kelly - Brice Soninao selected for Crest Jazz Vocal (France) concours July 2016 ! 

Natashia et Brice jouent l'un pour l'autre, chacun ayant à cœur de tracer pour l'autre un parcours à partager et à faire partager. Parcours d'introspection parfois hermétique et d'une grande sérénité.(Crest Jazz Festival, France, Michel Perrier)


Selected for TAZ Oostende , festival July 2016 ! 

De manier waarop contrabassist Brice Soniano en zangeres Natashia elkaar ruimte geven in functie van wat een nummer vraagt is puur vakmanschap.(TAZ Gazette)





Natashia Kelly is a vocalist and together with Brice Soniano on double bass they started to re-arrange songs to be able to hit the heart of the songs.

Later through many improvisations they composed there own music and lyrics.


The deep sound and groove of the double bass and the agility of the voice is a combination where subtlety and essence go hand in hand.


The repertoire consist of mainly own compositions, improvisations and some songs of Bob Dylan re-arranged.



Bass and Voice:


First Prize NewPort Jazz Rally 2012:


"An exclusive combination between a warm voice and double bass. They took the jury through a pleasant journey through the jazz.

Intense, fascinating, powerful !"

( jury, New Port Jazz)


Some reviews of the concerts :

- “ Those two create an unique intensity together.”

- “ Joyful and thoroughly sad, intertwining in one single song, she is convincing. A concert by this duo is a concert one shouldn’t miss! “

(Jazz magazine “Jassepoes”)


"To listen to the voice of Natashia Kelly and the bass tones is like listening to music cut down to its most basic core.
The voice and the bass interact, and I mean this in the strongest sense of the word: its a two way communication where instrument and voice complement each other.

( Julie Budtzen - concert FBL 13 okt '11 Paris)

                                                                                              Foto Jan Delestinne, Venetiaanse Gaanderijen Oostende TAZ