Duo Natashia Kelly - Brice Soninao selected for Crest Jazz Vocal (France) concours July 2016 ! 


NEW PROJECT: Natashia Kelly Group:

a contemporary sound


Release of our EP in January 2016 !


EP on radio Klara : 18th and 28th of February  2016 !


In this project we create soundscapes with the most advanced computer sounds made by Juan Parra Cancino (Chili), live computer music performer (PHD Leiden 2014).

Edmund Lauret (UK, Nordmann) brings in his mysterious guitar sound and Brice Soniano (Fr),his interactive, energetic double bass.


On this mysterious painting the vocalist Natashia Kelly ( BE-IE), puts a clear musical line. Her voice gives a different colour to the painting and her selfwritten melodies and lyrics give the listener a clear direction through this adventure. 


The compositions contain a structure in which improvisations can take place and for the musicians to be able to hit the moment. 

Sources of inspiration :

Iarla O'Lionaird (IE), Sidsel Endresen (NO), Sam Amidon (US),

Björk (IS),......


The musicians have their roots in the jazz music.


“..like the project Bass And Voice , the approach is an approach of purifying and to give beauty to the essence "

D. Debock in www.jassepoes.be


In 'Audio'  you can listen to 2 tracks : "Emotions" and “Duke".





pure sound in a heartbeat 


Natashia Kelly is a vocalist and together with Brice Soniano on double bass they started to re-arrange songs to be able to hit the heart of the songs.

Later through many improvisations they composed there own music and lyrics.


The deep sound and groove of the double bass and the agility of the voice is a combination where subtlety and essence go hand in hand.


The repertoire consist of mainly own compositions, improvisations and some songs of Bob Dylan re-arranged.

Bass and Voice:


First Prize New Port Jazz Rally 2012:


"An exclusive combination between a warm voice and double bass. They took the jury through a pleasant journey through the jazz.

Intense, fascinating, powerful !"

( jury, New Port Jazz)

Some reviews of the concerts :

- “ Those two create an unique intensity together.”

- “ Joyful and thoroughly sad, intertwining in one single song, she is convincing. A concert by this duo is a concert one shouldn’t miss! “

(Jazz magazine “Jassepoes”)


"To listen to the voice of Natashia Kelly and the bass tones is like listening to music cut down to its most basic core.
The voice and the bass interact, and I mean this in the strongest sense of the word: its a two way communication where instrument and voice complement each other.

( Julie Budtzen - concert FBL 13 okt '11 Paris)