photo: Jeroen Van der Fraenen

CITADELPARK  GENT   29 mei 2022


New project "Dear Darkening Ground"

Dré Pallemaerts : drums

Yannick Peeters : double bass

Nicola Andrioli : piano

Ruben Machtelinckx : guitar

Natashia Kelly : vocals and compositions

JazzLab Tour : jan.- febr. 2023 ! Laureate and presentation JazzLab Impuls


- 29/05/22 : Citadelpark, Gent ,  Carte Blanche

- 13/08/22 : Bijloke, Zomerbar, Gent ,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 12/01/23 : kunstencentrum nona, Mechelen,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 15/01/23 : KAAP / Oostende, Oostende,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 19/01/23 : CC de Meent, Alsemberg,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 20/01/23 : Handelsbeurs, Gent,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 26/01/23 : CC De Kimpel, Bilzen,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 27/01/23 : CC 't Getouw, RElaX, Mol ,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 28/01/23 : CC Casino, Koksijde,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 04/02/23 : 30CC Wagehuys, Leuven,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 10/02/23 : Rataplan, Borgerhout,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 15/02/23 : Muziekcentrum Track*, Kortrijk,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 16/02/23 : Flagey, Elsene,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 17/02/23 : CC De Werf, Aalst,  "Dear Darkening Ground"

- 19/02/23 : De Casino, Sint-Niklaas,  "Dear Darkening Ground"



With her unique voice, Natashia Kelly sings in a totally personal and inhabited register, revealing various and intertwined sound palettes ,which would probably be wrong to reduce to the four letters of the word jazz.”

(Yann Viseur, live concert L'Aéronef 2018, France).


Natashia, born in Belgium but with Irish roots, is a singer and composer. The Sean-Nòs singing (Irish a capella) inspirers the way she approches a song.

Her Jazz-background gives her freedom to be adventurous, to improvise over pieces, to explore the nuances in her voice and to blend with each instrument.

The way she composes and writes the lyrics is with great care for “the content of the story”. Harmony and lyrics will evoque a visual world of our contemporary times.


EP "The Uncanny"

EP "Thin Line"    bandcamp

CD "Inside The Wave"    bandcamp