With her unique voice, Natashia Kelly sings in a totally personal and inhabited register, revealing various and intertwined sound palettes ,which would probably be wrong to reduce to the four letters of the word jazz.”

(Yann Viseur, live concert L'Aéronef, France).


Natashia, born in Belgium but with Irish roots, is a singer and composer. The Sean-Nòs singing (Irish a capella) inspirers the way she approches a song.

Her Jazz-background gives her freedom to be adventurous, to improvise over pieces, to explore the nuances in her voice and to blend with each instrument.

The way she composes and writes the lyrics is with great care for “the content of the story”. Harmony and lyrics will evoque a visual world of our contemporary times.



Natashia Kelly (BE/IE)

studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with teacher David Linx and at

CNSMDP in Paris.

Natashia Kelly Group released their debut EP in February 2016 which was very well received and was picked up by national radio Klara in Belgium. In 2020, during a tour in Flanders ( Jazzlab) they are officially releasing their first full album 'Inside The Wave', produced by Koen Gisen.

Since 2011 she has a duo with Yannick Peeters "Bass&Voice"and they won the first price in The New Port Jazz Rally 2012

They were laureaat at the Crest Jazz Vocal contest 2016, France.

This duo was also in the categorie 'Young Talent' to play at the Ostend Theater Festival in August 2016.

In 2018 they were selected for the Festival " Les Détours de Babel " in Grenoble, France. 







2023: Jazzlab tour in jan.-febr. : CD release De W.E.R.F. records Dear Darkening Ground project

2022: Laureaat Jazz Impuls with project Dear Darkening Ground

2020: JazzLab tour in jan.-febr.

2019: N. Kelly Group 27/04 Handelsbeurs 

                                  07/07 Festival Jaaz St Omer, France

2018: duo N. Kelly&B. Soniano selected for new project Early Barok Music Revisited. Antwerpen Barokjaar, Rubens Inspireert.

2018, April : duo N. Kelly&B. Soniano selected for Détours de Babel festival , Grenoble, France.

2018, March: N. Kelly Group support act for Go Go Pinguin in L'Aéronef, Lille.

2017, June : demo recording duo Natashia Kelly – Brice Soniano with Koen Gisen.

2017, April : concert in Rataplan , Natashia Kelly Group.

2017, L'An Vert , double bill met Joachim Badenhorst (Rawfishboys) , 3/3/'17

2017, January. duo Natashia Kelly – Brice Soniano, tour in France: Mardi Graves Festival.

2016, July. Tour Theater Aan Zee with duo Natashia Kelly – Brice Soniano : 4 concerts.

2016: Flagey met Lionel Beuvens Motu ,' Best Belgian jazzfestival, 18/1/'16

2016 CD recording Igloo Studios, Lionel Beuvens Motu.

2016, EP “The Uncanny”, Natashia Kelly Group + release concerts in Lokerse Jazzklub, KC Nona and radio Klara.

2016, February, NONA, Mechelen , EP Release Natashia Kelly Group

2015 - Tour “Natashia Kelly Group” .

2015 – Tour duo “ Natashia Kelly & Brice Soniano”.

2015, April : duo Natashia Kelly & Brice Soniano , op Festival Van Vlaanderen , Mechelen


2012 - 2014, Concerts : “Natashia Kelly Group” ,Ruben Machtelinckx, Joachim Badenhorst. Quartet “Natashia Kelly Group”: Laurens Smet, Yannick Peeters, Benjamin Sauzereau. Concerts with “Bass & Voice”: double bass: Yannick Peeters /Nathan Wouters /Lennart Heyndels.


June 2012, she won the First Prize in the New Port Jazz Rally with her duo Bass and Voice.


June 2011, obtaind a Master degree Jazz-singing in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with vocal teacher David Linx. In the Conservatory of Brussels she had classes with: Diederik Wissels, Christophe Wallemme, Nathalie Loriers, John Rocco, Kris Defoort, David Linx,......


2010, last Master year she was selected with Erasmus exchange in the Conservatory of Paris CNSMDP . ( Conservatoire National Supérieur Music et de Danse Paris) In CNSMDP and she had Masterclasses and  played with: Anders Jormin, Fred Hersch, Billy Hart, Bruno Chevillon, Larry Grenadier,....

In CNSMDP she took classic singing lessons with Alain Buet.

- in October 2010  preformed with the Bigband of CNSMDP in Théatre Châtelet in Paris. - in December 2010  participated with a project of Fred Hersch



- May 2010: Performance with the Project “Happy Update Schumann” created and conducted by Kris Defoort. It was a mix between the classic music of Robert Schumann and jazz.

June 2010: backing vocals with “ James Baldwin Project” David Linx- Aka Moon in KVS Brussels.


2009: Laureate with vocal group “Brussels Vocal Project” of the Dinant Jazz Competition.

Since 2009: she preformed in various settings: duo, trio, quartet,...in various jazz-clubs in Belgium: The jazz-clubs she played in: The Music Village (Brussels), De Hopper (Antwerp), The Buster (Antwerp) De Jazzzolder, Jazz@home festival, Flagey (Brussels), KVS (Brussels), De Singer, Jazz Hoeilaart, De Singer, New Port Jazz festival, Lokerse Jazzklub, BlackCat, KC Nona, Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen. In Paris: Théatre Châtelet, Fondation Biermans- Lapôtre, concerthall Cnsmdp,.... In Aix : support act for  Magic Malik and Omar Sosa in Jazz à Aix.


Dec 2007 :  she won the First Prize in the Jazz Cat Rally in Brussels with her trio “ La Nue “.